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A Home for Honey

On July 3, 2012 - the Gustini family adopted a very sweet and elderly bulldog named Honey. They were notified by friends that Honey was left at WHS for no reason except being listed as "old". It was suspected her original owner died and her family gave Honey up. Though already caring for two bulldogs- Rosie & Daisy - the Gustinis couldn't help, but take Honey in.

Honey always lived up to her name - she was very sweet and affectionate. She howled when she was alone - she became so devoted to the Gustini family. She had a torn ACL which gave her a bit of a limp. However, she had no trouble putting Daisy in her place with a tussle or two.

Sadly, Honey passed away in January 2015. She was having more trouble walking and in more pain. After a last morning full of snuggles and hamburgers, Honey was laid to rest.

The Gustinis like to think Honey is in heaven with her original owner. They are eternally grateful to WHS for the time Honey got to spend with them.

Amanda and Ray are devoted animal lovers. Any donations for their September 5, 2015 wedding in Honey and animals' honor, would be greatly appreciated.

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