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Behavior, Training, and Socialization (BTS)

After finishing basic shelter training, volunteers can sign up for our BTS program where they can learn to run a Behavior, Training, and Socialization Shift, learning to enrich the lives of all the shelter animals during their stay. The canine behavior team also holds play yard time and one on one training every day for dogs to burn off energy and learn skills to interact with other dogs; the feline BTS team spends time interacting with the cats, improving the social skills of the shy kitties and generally enriching their stay. 
SN Volunteer volunteer w cat

*Please note at this time WHS is recruiting BTS volunteers with weekday availability*


  • Attend a general volunteer orientation (applicants will be invited to an orientation if their interests and availability meet the current needs of WHS) 
  • Onsite training and a minimum of 8 Shelter Star hours completed.
  • Schedule behavior shift training with volunteer@washhumane.org.


  • BTS volunteer commit to a weekly shift at the same time each week for a minimum of 6 months
  • Complete Behavior Shift Training Checklist with Mentor Trainer.
  • Must follow behavior shift protocol.


  • Invitation to the online Yahoo discussion group for WHS Behavior Buffs. The discussion group covers behavior, training, and socialization questions, a reader’s book club, announcements for special projects, and training opportunities.
  • Invitation to special training opportunities for behavior volunteers and WHS staff. 

More info on the Behavior Training and Socialization program contact volunteer@washhumane.org.

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