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Cat Fostering

Do you want to foster a cat or kitten?

WHS is always in need of foster parents specifically for cats. Foster parents help these animals get adopted and serve as promoters and adoption counselors, assisting WHS with the adoption process and bringing the animals to adoption events. Foster homes open up space in our crowded adoption centers. Foster homes allow more room for other animals.

In the spring, WHS sees higher numbers of pregnant cats, nursing moms, orphaned kittens in need of special care (including bottle feeding), and kittens too young to be adopted or vaccinated. A guest room, spare bathroom, or large walk-in closet is all the space you need to foster a nursing mom with kittens, in addition to providing them a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and basic needs (food, water, litter, safety).

The average foster time varies by the amount of time you commit to, the age of the cat or kitten, and several other factors. The average time in a foster home is around three months. Some fosters offer just a few weeks in their home for injured or sick animals, and others help kittens until they are old enough to come back to the adoption center (six to eight weeks). We’ll work with you to figure out what timeframe you can offer. We will provide any needed training to care for special needs cats and kittens. 

Next training session - TBD 
For training location or questions, please email foster@washhumane.org.

Do you already have a stray cat or community kitten that you’d like to foster?

If you have found a stray or abandoned cat or kitten (see our CatNiPP Program to learn more about community cats) and would like to foster this animal until you can find them a home, WHS can may be able to assist you. You can report a "found" cat without turning the cat into the adoption center. If the cat is not claimed within five days, WHS can help you find this cat a permanent home. You serve as the foster and provide the foster home for this cat or kitten, and we help promote them on our website, offer approved routine medical care, and assist with the adoption process.

To foster a found stray cat or kitten, email: foster@washhumane.org or call: 202-576-6664 for more information.

Are you interested in adopting a cat or kitten from one of our foster homes?

If you wish to adopt a cat or kitten from one of our WHS foster homes, please check our adoption page to locate an animal living in foster care. If you find a cat or kitten in foster care, you will complete an application for either the New York Avenue or Georgia Avenue Adoption Centers.

Adoption Process

Standard adoption fees apply for foster cats and kittens:
$85 for adult cat, pairs of kittens, or bonded pairs
(adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery, microchip, deworming, and vaccines up until the point of adoption)

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