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The human population in the District of Columbia is ever-growing, and the available habitat of local wildlife is slowly turning from woods to homes and businesses. Conflicts arise when a house is now where a nest used to be, leaving wildlife to come into close contact with their new neighbors. Using their survival instincts, wildlife may find refuge under porches and decks, where food is plentiful from unsecured trash and offspring are safer in the dark confines. 

The Washington Humane Society (WHS) works to protect all DC animals, both domestic and wild. No animal should suffer, and these conflicts can be easily resolved or all together avoided by following a few simple steps that provide long-term, cost-effective measures without having to resort to lethal means of removing the animals. Removing an animal from their environment is merely a quick fix that opens up a niche for other animals, and before long, you may have another wild neighbor living with you. WHS hopes to provide long-term, effective solutions in which a happy medium is created between humans and wildlife.

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