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Dog Tags

Partners in Healing

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DOG TAGS brings together wounded warriors who are recovering with homeless dogs here at the Washington Humane Society.  The Dog Tags program is a bi-weekly drop in class for veterans from Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  The focus of these classes is to provide training, socialization and enrichment for the adoption center animals while giving veterans a foundation in force free training techniques.  The Dog Tags program benefits animals and humans alike by increasing the adoptability of our animals and teaching veterans valuable skills that gives them the opportunity to pursue a future career in the field of animal training, care, and welfare.  This program gives WHS an opportunity to give back to the injured men and women of the Armed Forces while creating healing relationships that benefit both humans and animals.  In the coming years WHS plans to expand this program to help a larger pool of veterans and of course more animals.

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How It Began

Having long been neighbors, the dogs here at the Washington Humane Society and the wounded warriors recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center often bumped into each other on daily walks. The joy of the soldiers and flurry of wagging tails made it clear that there was a natural bond.  Understanding the power of such a strong connection, the Washington Humane Society developed DOG TAGS. The program brings dogs and wounded warriors together in order to teach, learn, and strengthen the bonds that heal.

The Program

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Injured warriors who volunteer to be in the program come to the Washington Humane Society’s Behavior and Learning Center to learn and study animal training.  The program is designed for the student who is interested in the recreational, hobbyist level of learning and spending time with animals.  All instruction is based on humane, motivational methods of training.  The animals selected for this program gain obedience skills and, most precious, time interacting positively with several different people.  Since some animals come to WHS undersocailized or fearful, being with members of Dog Tags can help them gain the confidence that will help find them a new home.WHS absorbs all financial related costs for this program. 

Support DOG TAGS

As we continue to reach out to wounded warriors and provide care and training to animals in need, it is the support of the public that allows DOG TAGS to continue and grow. The Washington Humane Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and the DOG TAGS program relies solely on public donation. We appreciate the community's continued support as we strengthen the bond between humans and animals, creating friendships and experience to last a lifetime.

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In-Kind Donations Needed for this Program:

LCD Projector - Thank you, Labrador Retriever Rescue (LRR)
Dry Erase Board with Easle
Bait bags & Treats - Thank you, Labrador Retriever Rescue (LRR)
Scruffy Guider Collars (can be purchased at www.mistypinesdogpark.com)

New or used laptop computer

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