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Behavior and Learning Center

Washington Humane Society Behavior & Learning Center 


The Washington Humane Society’s Behavior & Learning Center is dedicated to providing people and their pets with the tools they need to succeed in lasting, successful relationships.

WHS behavior counselors and experienced trainers practice humane, motivational methods with animals at both the New York Avenue and Georgia Avenue Adoption Centers. WHS behavior and training counselors review each dog’s behavior. They train the volunteers and staff to provide individualized physical exercises and mental stimulation to each dog by offering regular training workshops to those volunteers. The behavior team also holds playgroups every day for dogs to burn off energy and interact with other dogs.

Ask The Trainer!

Behavior and training counselors answer questions from adopters and the general public via email askthetrainer@washhumane.org

WHS also provides a list of local force-free dog trainers that can help pet owners with any other significant behavior or training issue - email askthetrainer@washhumane.org or review your adoption packet. 

Volunteer Behavior Shift Opportunities

After finishing basic training, volunteers can sign up for behavior, training, and socialization shifts, where they can learn to enrich the lives of the animals during their stay. 



  • Complete Behavior Shift Training Checklist with Mentor Trainer.
  • Must follow behavior shift protocol.
  • Must maintain a regularly scheduled shift (you may find coverage for your shift on days you cannot make it).


  • Invitation to the online Yahoo discussion group for WHS Behavior Buffs. The discussion group covers behavior, training, and socialization questions, a reader’s book club, announcements for special projects, and training opportunities.
  • Invitation to special training opportunities for behavior volunteers and WHS staff. 

Contact Behavior and Training

Questions about behavior or training for your dog or cat? Email askthetrainer@washhumane.org or call 202-723-5730.

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