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Staff Pick

Tango Mango

Chosen by Ashley Young
Adoption and Transfer Coordinator

Introducing Tango Mango! This girl has become WHS's most popular socialite. Anyone who's anyone in DC knows who Tango Mango is. On a typical day at WHS, you can find her chatting with staff over morning coffee or giving career and relationship advice to volunteers. She's got places to go and people to see – she's the kind of cat that never lets the grass grow under her paws.  She even has her own office at the WHS Georgia Avenue Adoption Center; but no need to make an appointment, her door is always open! Tango Mango says she has always known she was destined for great things and would like to do those things with YOU!

Meet Tango Mango at our Georgia Avenue Adoption Center!
7319 Georgia Avenue, NW
(202) 723-5730

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