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Staff Pick


Chosen by Lisa LaTorre
Adoptions Supervisor

Meatloaf is the President of the Big Head Crew thanks to his big, meaty noggin. You know what they say though; a big head means a big brain, right? Meatloaf loves learning new things, especially when food is involved. Meatloaf doesn’t really know what "meatloaf" is, but thinks it sounds tasty. Did we mention yet that Meatloaf likes food? Other things he likes include running, playing with toys, cuddling, and performing his famous comedy routine where he throws a bone around the room for himself. 

Meet Meatloaf at our New York Avenue Adoption Center!
1201 New York Avenue, NE

Can't take this sweetheart home? Please SHARE this flyer, and be sure to tell your friends, or consider sponsoring!


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