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Pet of the Week

Denver Pet of the WeekDenver

Meet Denver, a three year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix with a very handsome, brown and black coat and sweet, welcoming eyes. He is a very happy pup that loves to meet new people and is anxious to find a new home. Visitors meeting Denver will see that all it takes is a kind word or a pat on the head to get his tail wagging like crazy. Denver is cautious around other dogs, especially those who are highly energetic or pushy, so he would prefer a home where he is the only dog or a home with a dog that is laid back and accepting. Denver is a medium size dog, approximately 40 lbs., but really he’s the perfect size for your home! Visit the WHS-WARL adoption center on Oglethorpe Street to meet Denver!

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Lambo Pet of the Week

It’s hard to believe this handsome big boy was mistaken for a pregnant female, but that’s how he was identified to animal control officers when he was discovered in an office bathroom. How he got there, we’ll never know, but right now he’s settling in to life in Kitty City at the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League. Lambo was initially very timid and had little interest in leaving his condo. But with lots of personal attention from and positive encounters with staff and volunteers, this four-year-old is blossoming into a friendly, confident, outgoing cat who’s ready for a lifelong relationship with a person of his own. Could that be you? Stop by the WHS-WARL Oglethorpe Adoption Center to meet Lambo and find out!

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Lambo Pet of the Week


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