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Staff Pick


Chosen by Caitlin Neal, DVM
Staff Veterinarian

Bran loves everyone! He is very affectionate with people and gets along with other cats and dogs. He came to WHS after he was found abandoned in an apartment complex, but that never got him down! With some TLC he received from a foster home, Bran was able to get over his past and overcome some medical issues. Now he is happy as a clam! Since he makes best friends with everyone, including other cats and dogs, he’d be happy to go to any kind of home as long as they love him as much he loves them..

Meet Bran at our Georgia Avenue Adoption Center!
7319 Georgia Avenue, NW
(202) 723-5730

Can't take this sweetheart home? Please SHARE this flyer, and be sure to tell your friends, or co
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Bran - Staff pick 9.24.14.jpg

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