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Staff Pick


Chosen by Zenit Chughtai
Online Communications Specialist

Patch is as handsome as the day is long. He is a big guy but he is super sweet. Patch lives communally with some of his pals in Kitty City and is pretty popular among his fellow cats. When he isn’t climbing towers, charming the pants off of his friends, or sharpening his cat skills by playing with his toys, he likes to sit in the window and daydream about his perfect home – a place where he could gaze at birds all day and then snuggle up with his person on the couch and tell them all about it. Think you could be Patch’s love connection?

Meet Patch at our New York Avenue Adoption Center!
1201 New York Avenue, NE
(202) 576-6664 

Can't take this sweetheart home? Please SHARE this flyer, and be sure to tell your friends, or consider sponsoring!

Patch- Staff Pick 8.27.14.jpg

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