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Staff Pick


Chosen by Aubrey Batten
Animal Care Supervisor

Tiger is sweet and affectionate, but still independent. This distinguished gentleman is in the prime of his life! Content to supervise the daily goings-on of Kitty City from his favorite perch near the window so he can see his new family coming, Tiger brings a sphinx-like air of grace and poise to Kitty City. Tiger gets along well with other cats, but prefers to coexist rather than spend his time playing. He enjoys laps, windows, and gentle chin scratches. Tiger would do well in most homes without small children.

Meet Tiger at our New York Avenue Adoption Center!
1201 New York Avenue, NE 
(202) 576-6664

Can't take this sweetheart home? Please SHARE this flyer, and be sure to tell your friends, or co
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Tiger- Staff Pick 9.17.14 copy.jpg

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