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Pet of the Week

Blanco Pet of the WeekBlanco

Are you one of those people who just adores big dogs? If so, the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League has the perfect dog for you. His name is Blanco and he’s a purebred American bulldog. That’s right, purebred! Blanco found himself at the shelter when his people could no longer care for him. At 3 years old, he’s past the puppy stage but is very strong and has lots of energy! Although he looks intimidating, Blanco can actually be a bit shy initially but give him a few minutes and he’ll be trying to give you doggy kisses. Blanco is also a pretty chill guy most of the time but can get excited…by things like birds, squirrels, smells, etc. Combined with his size and strength, this enthusiasm can make him something of a force of nature, so he’s looking for a home with someone used to big dogs like him. Could that be you? Stop by our Oglethorpe Adoption Center to meet Blanco and find out.

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Virgil Pet of the WeekMeet Virgil, a cat of epic proportions. Well…not really, but, at 17 pounds, this handsome black cat is indeed impressive. To be honest, he could stand to lose a couple of pounds—but couldn’t we all. Virgil arrived at the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League when his person could no longer care for him. He’s a bit overwhelmed by shelter life but has begun exploring his new surroundings; for a larger cat, this 5-year-old is surprisingly agile and loves to climb the cat trees and stroll the raised walkways in Kitty City. Virgil has lived with children, other cats, and even a dog, making him an ideal adoption candidate for almost any home! If you’re interested in a friendly, laid-back feline friend, look no further. Just stop by our Oglethorpe Adoption Center and meet Virgil.

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Virgil Pet of the Week


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