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Staff Pick


Chosen by Joe Miench
Behavior and Training Associate

Meet Josey! Even though she's never met you before, she's pretty sure that she already loves you. She has the cutest little overbite and the most contagious smile of any dog in all the land. We know you'll fall head over heels for her once you see it! Seriously, just look at this picture. You feel that warm in your tummy?  That's Josey, right there! She's one of our playgroup regulars, so she gets out into the yard and plays with her buddies all throughout the week. When she's not busy playing with her friends, she's hard at work with our volunteers learning basic obedience and new tricks to share. Plus, she's a Hidden Gem, which makes her all kinds of special! She would do best in a more active home and would be a great jogging or running partner. Once she's had her exercise for the day, she'll happily flop down by your feet for a good ol' fashioned belly rub and scratch behind the ears!

Meet Josey at our New York Avenue Adoption Center!
1201 New York Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 576-6664

Can't take this sweetheart home? Please SHARE this flyer, and be sure to tell your friends, or consider sponsoring!

Josey - Staff pick 7.23.jpg

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