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Foster a DC Pet: DC People Helping DC Pets

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Foster a DC Pet is a program based out of Washington, DC and the surrounding metro region designed to help people in need of temporary housing solutions for their pets find a foster home for a predetermined amount of time. Foster a DC Pet is sponsored by The Washington Humane Society through a grant from the ASPCA.

The program was created specifically for people who need temporary housing for their pet during a transition phase in their life, such as moving to a new house or apartment, military transfers, or even medical issues like a hospital stay. Instead of being forced to surrender the pet to a shelter, Foster a DC Pet allows for the community to come together and find a temporary home for the animal.

The process is simple: Whether you're looking for temporary placement for your pet or are offering a foster home, just create a profile and begin your search. For more information or to get involved, visit the Foster a DC Pet website

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