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Steps to Adopt

* All adoptable animals are visible online, in real time, at washhumane.org/adopt
* All questionnaires are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. (Scroll down to download copies of the Adoption Questionnaire)
* Please bring a valid form of ID for all adults in the household.
* If children age 12 and under live in the household, they must meet the animal prior to adoption.

Step 1: Meet your animal!

At an adoption center: Visit one of our adoption centers, located at 1201 New York Avenue NE and 71 Oglethorpe St NW, where WHS/WARL staff and volunteers will help you find the perfect match for your home and lifestyle. You are encouraged to bring every person who lives in your home.


In a foster home: Adoptable animals who currently live in a temporary foster home can be found by searching online at washhumane.org/adopt. Using the information located in the particular animal's online bio, please contact the foster parent to arrange a time/place to meet the animal.

Step 2: Submit an adoption questionnaire, complete counseling

Animals must be met before an adoption questionnaire will be accepted.

For an animal in an adoption center:

  • Questionnaires must be submitted in-person at the adoption center in which the animal resides.
  • Counseling will occur at the time the questionnaire is received. In extenuating circumstances, WHS/WARL staff reserve the right to schedule the counseling session within 24 hours of receipt of questionnaire.
  • Adoptions are finalized same-day and an adopter must be prepared to leave with his/her adopted animal. Animals will not be placed on hold unless they are in need of spay/neuter, or if the adopter requests a dog introduction with the resident dog (see below for more information) 

For an animal in a foster home:

  • Questionnaires may be submitted in person or via email at adopt@washhumane.org.
  • Questionnaires are accepted on a first come, first serve basis, including those received via email.
  • For questionnaires received in-person, WHS/WARL staff reserve the right to schedule counseling at a later time.
  • Email submissions will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt.
  • All adoption counseling occurs in-person and pick up of the adopted animal must be scheduled for a time after the scheduled counseling session.


Step 3: Take your animal home!

For an animal in an adoption center: Cat carriers and leashes for dogs can be purchased for a nominal fee. Unless the animal is still in need of spay/neuter, adoptions are same-day.

For an animal in a foster home: You and the foster parent will determine a mutually agreed upon time and place for transfer of the animal. Please bring an appropriate means of transporting your animal to your home. Transfer of the animal may only occur after the counseling session has been completed.


What happens during a counseling session?
During a counseling session, a WHS/WARL staff member or volunteer will review with you everything we know about the animal--including any and all medical and behavioral information we have on record. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions! We'll talk about considerations to have when welcoming your newest family member into your home and other species-specific topics.

Will you keep my completed questionnaire on file until I'm ready to adopt?
No, questionnaires will not be stored. If there is something, like landlord breed restrictions, that may inhibit an adoption, please research that prior to submitting a questionnaire. We do not accept questionnaires for animals whom you have not met.

Do you do dog introductions with resident dogs?
WHS/WARL does not require dog introductions. However, if you would like one to be conducted between your resident dog and the dog you are interested in adopting, please make this known at the time you submit your questionnaire. The dog introduction must be scheduled for a time within the next 24 hours, and a hold will be placed on the dog solely for this purpose.

Do you do cat introductions with dogs?
WHS/WARL does not perform dog-cat introductions. If you have a resident cat and are interested in adopting a dog, our staff will aid you in finding the most appropriate match.

All major credit cards and exact cash accepted. Payment is required at the time of pickup. WHS/WARL does not issue refunds of adoption fees and does not exchange animals.

Do you have questions about the adoption process? Don't hesitate to contact us! 


(202) 727 - 7369

(202) 727 - 5494

  Dogs Cats
Under 6 mos    $250 $125
6 mos - 6 yrs    $200 $100
7 - 9 yrs    $100 $50
10 yrs +    $50 $25
  Rabbit: $45 Guinea pig: $20
  Ferret: $35  Other small animals: $10 (turtles, etc)
  Small birds: $10 (parakeets, finches, etc) Birds larger than a Budgie: $25

*Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, applicable vaccinations, microchip, heartworm test (dogs), FIV/FeLV test (cats). For dogs adopted by people residing in the District of Columbia, an additional $15 is required for purchase of a DC dog license.

All major credit cards and cash accepted. Payment is required at the time of pickup. WHS does not issue refunds of adoption fees and does not exchange animals.
Adoption Questionnaires:

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